Sony WX-810UI Car Stereo (Double Din)


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Push the extra bass 2 button to add some serious low-end power to your music, it works by reinforcing basslines to create deep, punchy bass, simply press the button to activate the mode and enjoy the dynamic sound
Tailor audio playback to your liking with the 10-band graphic equalizer, create your own unique soundscapeor choose from ten pre-sets, the new karaoke mode lowers vocal frequencies so you can have enjoyable sing-along sessions in your car
The built-in amplifier delivers 55 watts x 4 (max. at 4 ohms)/20 watts x 4 (RMS at 4 ohms), giving you all the volume you need
Want to use steering wheel controls instead of pressing buttons on the receiver? Installation is easy on compatible vehicles, thanks to the configurable steering wheel remote input
FLAC is a file format that, unlike MP3, compresses the audio signal without any loss in audio quality plug into to the front USB port to play back FLAC files in all their glory

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