Pioneer TS-R1651S 6.5″ 3-Way Coaxial Speakers (Black)


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Mica reinforced pulp cone: the mica is mixed into the pulp cone material in precise proportions to optimise cone rigidity and to reproduce impactful bass.
Impactful bass: its unique design with long stroke space, powerful motor and long stroke suspension helps it in providing powerful bass and strong sound.
Seal of genuinity: years of research & state-of-art production facilities is our secret behind every pioneer speaker’s quality sound reproduction. Our popularity with you have attracted cheap speakers being sold under pioneer brand name. Use our 3-d hologram on the speaker package to identify a genuine product and safe-guard yourself
P. F. S. S. Spider: progressive flex suspension system supports the voice coil effectively by dampening the large cone vibration and enhancing linearity of sound reproduction. Its soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces clear sound and at excessive input, its hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement error.
Flexible installation: with a redesigned basket, you can now install these speakers in more cars with minimum effort. Especially in cars by Honda with provision for 3 spoke basket. Further, four new screw holes ensure a perfect fit.

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