benefits of buying open box appliances at liqo warehouse

Open-box appliances are sold at low prices in many shops today. They are items that are opened by buyers but not used. Some people may call open box appliances second-hand items, but it is not the right term. Open-box items can be used as floor models in the stores. 

Many online and offline stores today sell open-box appliances at cheap prices. On other hand, many buyers return the new products after opening them. Some buyers do not like the color of the product, or some minor flaws are present in the products. This blog highlights the benefits of open-box appliances in detail. 

Who offers open box appliances? 

Today, many stores sell open-box appliances online and offline. You can find many local shops selling products of good brands at a low price. Apart from that, the retailers and electronic appliance companies also sell these appliances at discounts. 

You can get many items of daily use from good brands in shops today at a cheap rate. These shops offer good deals to the customers on open box appliances. 

Benefits of purchasing Open box appliances 

Open-box appliances are items opened by the buyers but not used once. These items are available in many online and offline stores nowadays. Buying open box appliances has various benefits such as: 

  1. Discounted prices  

Open-box items are generally sold at a lower price than the MRP of the product. You can buy many large home appliances at a discounted price. Many goods are sold as open box appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, OTGs, mobile phones, irons, and so on. Even many customers can buy items at a low price for their homes, offices, and restaurants. 

Today, many stores offer up to 20% off on open-box appliances. You can also get a higher discount on many costly home appliances. 

  1. Not used items 

Open-box appliances are not used items. Buyers have only opened the box of these items. They return these items to the stores because they do not like the design or color of the products. Open-box appliances are not the same as refurbished items. They are not used even for a single time and you can get a wide range of products for your home and workplaces.   

  1. Warranty period 

Many open box items are returned by the customers just shortly after purchase. So, the items have a warranty period. You will get the full warranty from the manufacturer by buying open box appliances. It is one of the major benefits why people choose these open box appliances. They can even return open box items or replace them with new items. 

  1. Good savings  

Buying large home appliances for your new home, office, salon or restaurant is a costly deal. But buying open box appliances will give a good deal. You can get open-box appliances at a lower rate than MRP. In this way, you can buy all the brand new items and make huge savings on your purchase as well. Open-box items are good for middle-income groups and those who want to purchase affordable items at discounted prices. 

  1. Good condition 

This is another benefit of buying open box appliances. Normally, the open box items are returned in good condition by the buyers. They are neither used nor damaged in transit. Buyers simply return these items because they do not like the color or some features of the product. 

  1. Beneficial for stores 

Just like customers, even stores can get an advantage from open box items. Stores can use these items as floor models and place them on display panels to sow their actual products. Apart from that, the stores can also sell these items at discounted prices to clear their stock.  

What to ask before buying open box items? 

Buying an open box item from a store is beneficial only if you have little knowledge. You must ask some questions to the store before purchasing open box accessories such as:

  • Does the open box item contain the warranty from the manufacturer? 
  • What is Open box Appliances
  • It is an open box appliance clean and does not contain any garbage? 
  • Does the store take back the appliance if it does not work after purchase? 

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